Posted by: VM | 23 July 2009

23/07/09 -A Statement From the Vestas Workers Inside the Factory

‘Another eventful day yesterday as everyone knows from yesterday’s newsletter, Vestas imposed a food ban but they didn’t stop our great supporters getting food to use and in the right way, walking calmly and peacefully and throwing food to us, thanks guys.

Despite Paddy Wier being in meetings for most of the day yesterday with other senior management, the network reps and the island’s MP Andrew Turner, it seems they appeared to have achieved very little, their only option was to issue a last chance ultimatum for the fourth time, ‘come out or lose your jos and your redundancy’ to which we declined. Afterwards we recieved a letter from Paddy Wier stating we are now liable for temination and no redundancy package.

Vestas are however allowing us some food, as from today Vestas have stated they will supply us food but they will not allow any outside food onto the premises.

The rally at 6pm last night was very sucessful it was great to see so many people showing their support and a big thanks to everyone out there organising these events.

All our supporters are doing a fantastic job and it is you guys who are going to win this for us and with all the hard work and support and the huge publicity we are generating it shouldn’t take too long.’

Media coverage of the campaign:

Front Page of the Independent

‘Even the Isle of Wight wants Miliband to buck the market’ The Guardian Comment Piece

‘Wind turbine protesters continue sit in as police accused of blocking food’ – The Times



  1. It’s an honour to do what we can outside. One of you sample that food first though! Best wishes, Vicki from Barnet

  2. Stick with it guys, too many companies in Britain are disappearing, and on the Isle of Wight you need all the jobs there are and more.
    I just hope the outcome is a positive one, but I have my doubts unfortunately.
    Good on you. Power to the people!

  3. I have just tackled Gordon Brown and department of works and pensions minister face to face on Vestas occupation, tuition fees, the Welsh Assembly scrapping Tuition Fee Grants and job losses at London Met –

  4. Stay strong everyone. Each day that passes support grows. I really hope that you can bypass the management regarding how you access your food. In no way should they dictate and distribute your food. Hopefully with enough pressure applied through sympathetic media, friends, family and supporters can begin to bring food to you all.
    In solidarity

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