Posted by: VM | 22 July 2009

Update: fence completed around the plant

The fence has now been completed around the plant, increasing the difficulty of getting supplies to the occupiers. Protestors attempted to get more food through before the fence was complete, but were rebuffed by the police.


  1. Below are links to two of Vestas Board of directors facebook pages, how about ask her to explain why a company that in the first three months of this year saw a 70 percent increase in profits to £50 million. needs to close a factory at all.

    Don’t let these people hide behind the corporate firewall any longer , name them and shame them contaqct their friends and tell them that they are shameful humans
    and here’s another

    and this is them on the company website, message them all

  2. Think the occupiers should invite Siemens and GE and other global wind turbine manufacturers to have a look around the factory with a view to buying it while there is still a welcoming team and local expertise available to answer questions. A press release would be a good way to do this.

  3. Prisoners are treated better than these peaceful workers who are just trying to get help to keep the Vestas factory open. Surely this is against human rights to prevent food being given to these people.

  4. I fully support the factory occupation and believe that voices should be heard and positive action should prevail. Save Vesta and the honest worker’s jobs now!

  5. I fully support the vestas workers.
    We need to get this lousy government to think about things in a more rational way.We need green energy and we need green jobs.The 2 go hand in hand.We can find a fortune to kill people in the name of democracy building but when it comes to investment in G.B plc we seem to favour other country’s products.

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