Posted by: VM | 22 July 2009

the latest photos from Newport

VICTORY! - fifteen hundred people worldwide have emailed to wish victory to the Vestas workers as well

gathered people at the picket line cheer the workers
The police on guard outside the factory

massive solidarity from the community and gathered supporters



  1. There are very many people who support your stance.
    The Government should support you and this industry An alternative to nationalisation is to support a management buy out (support with finance and orders)
    If SEEDA or any other Government bodies have provided grants to Vestas then they should be clawed back this would apply to any grants being given for the Vestas development site in Northwood.
    The IoW council should also get off the fence and tell the planners that sites for wind farms should go ahead without delay.
    Trying to starve the protesters out is inhuman and against their basic human rights – WHERE ARE THE HUMAN RIGHTS LAWYERS NOW?
    I hope that you are getting all the necessary support from your unions – Good Luck.

  2. This is fucking great!
    Solidarity and cheers from Malmö, Sweden!

    Solidarity actions will come soon!

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