Posted by: Alex | 22 July 2009

Solidarity Protest at the Department for Energy & Climate Change

National support for the Vestas occupation has been shown with a demonstration outside Ed Miliband’s office in Whitehall.

Activists and supporters spelled out “SAVE VESTAS” by lying on the ground in front of the department.



  1. • Pix-&-Vidz of Vestas Occupation Solidarity Demo, London – Wed 22 Jul 09

    Dateline: ‘Victory to the Vestas Workers Occupation’ Solidarity Demonstration, Department of Energy and Climate Change, No.3 Whitehall Place, London, UK, 18:00, Wed 22 Jul 09 – Scores of sane people protest against the insanity of the UK’s first ever Energy and Climate Change Minister Ed Miliband spouting pious promises on greenhouse gas emissions reductions in Parliament while allowing the UK’s only wind turbine factories to be scrapped on a bosses’ bean-counting whim.

  2. Hi,

    I work for Pluto Press and am currently looking for images to be used in Derek Wall’s up-coming book ‘The Rise of the Green Left’. We need to use free images and we must receive permission to use them first. Will it be possible to use some of your images?


    Matt Battle

    • I’m going to email you at the address you posted this from to discuss. Vicki for Save Vestas blog

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