Posted by: VM | 22 July 2009


A mass walk-in from supporting protestors outside the plant has made it past the police to get food to the occupying workers, although they did not get any more people in. More to follow soon.



  1. Awesome! Way to go for all those outside.

  2. Absolutely brilliant! Wishing you all the best in your fight! A big-up to all the supporters too for keeping it real and getting the food through. Struggle brings out the best in people. I wish I could be there to bring in some great grub for you lot too. Stand united, stand firm.

    This blog is fantastic as a news resource for those in solidarity but who can’t be close by. It’s also got a great sense of openess and democracy about it. Way to go! I hope all those in occupation get to hear all the positive and concerned messages that are up on the blog to keep you feeling supported and united.

  3. […] scheint aber (aus der Sicht von Bullen und Firma) nichts genützt zu haben 😉 […]

  4. Good to hear you got food in. Your struggle is vital. Keep it up and don’t let the b******* grind you down. Sorry I can’t make it over to the camp but with you in spirit.

    Have sent another email to miliband & copied you in. Also copying in my MP, who’s responded, & suggest others do the same to keep up the pressure.

  5. Just wanted to say thanks for the blog site. Its great to be able to know what’s happening as it happens. Good Luck.

  6. I would rather my goivernment bailed your business out rather than banks. At least you provide a ‘thing’ that serves purpose and does good. I wish you strength and support.

    Tina Louise

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