Posted by: VM | 21 July 2009


Workers staging a sit-in at the soon-to-close Vestas wind turbine plant on the Isle of Wight are being starved out by police.

The police, many inside the factory and dressed in riot gear, have denied food to the workers who took over the factory offices last night, to protest about the closure of their factory. The police, operating with highly questionable legal authority, have surrounded the offices, preventing supporters from joining the sit-in, and preventing food from being brought to the protestors.

Around 20 workers at the Vestas Plant in Newport, on the Isle of Wight, occupied the top floor of offices in their factory to protest against its closure which will result in over 500 job losses.

Acting without an injunction, on private property, the police have repeatedly tried to break into the office where the protesting workers have barricaded themselves, and have threatened the workers with arrest for aggravated trespass, despite the fact that no damage has been done to the property where the protest is taking place. Police have also forcibly removed people from private property, another action that is of very questionable legality in the absence of a formal injunction.

The officer involved in the latter action was number 3606. The officer who appears to be in charge is 3115. It may help to let the local police authorities know that we are unhappy with their handling of the situation – in this case the email address to bombard is

This heavy handed response is the latest in a long line of over-reactions to protest by various UK police forces.



  1. The workers who are occupying at vestas are showing the way! We can’t afford to sit around and let any more jobs go. We need a future for our children, both through jobs and by using renewable forms of energy such as wind power.

    If Labour were worth the name they would nationalise now.

    Best of luck, lads and know we are all behind you.

  2. Good luck.

    Hope more people follow your lead.

    And remember ‘All Coppers Are Bastards’!

  3. If you need legal advice on your right to occupy, call Advisory Service for Squatters who can give you proper legal advice on your rights as occupiers. You are not breaking any laws no matter what the police say. At the recent Visteon Occupation. the occupiers were told various half-truths by the cops and the union bosses that caused alarm and distress and forced the hand of the occupiers to leave the factory and lose the only bargaining chip they had – that they were in control of the factory and all the valuable plant within.

    Advisory Service for Squatters
    Office hours are 2-6 Monday to Friday,

    Phone:- 020 3216 0099 ( or 0845 644 5814 land lines outside of London )

  4. Typical reaction from the police.They’re behaving like a para-legal force.
    Don’t let them get you down.Keep up the occupation.

  5. It may almost certainly make no difference, but can we have numbers etc for the police authority that covers that area. maybe, just maybe if they get a barrage of protests it could make a difference. Certainly can’t do any harm.

  6. […] From the Vestas workers’ blog in England: Workers staging a sit-in at the soon-to-close Vestas wind turbine plant on the Isle of Wight are being starved out by police. […]

  7. Although I can’t get to Isle of Wight in person, I support you in spirit.
    Once again we see a useful and much needed factory being allowed to go to the wall, whilst factories making gas guzzling luxury cars and bankers (rhyming slang?) are supported and the governments and local authorities and their “enforcers” are not (yet) being held to account.
    Stick it out folks! We urgently need your product, now and even more so in the next few years. The “grey” political parties have not yet taken on board that peak oil is upon us NOW and ONLY investment NOW in energy saving products can help.
    Do check out the economic proposals laid out in “Green New Deal”, co-written by the Green Party’s Dr Caroline Lucas and The New Economics Foundation.
    Keith Clements.

  8. Unfortunately I cannot get to the Isle of Wight to support you. The action of the police is very wrong and is totally unnecessary. This does give a higher profile to the protest but may overlook the reasons why the protest is happening in the first place. Don’t give up, we all strongly support you.!!!

  9. the police state were living the politicians they forget they!!1 are the publcs servant ..and are employed has that role…was the same in the 1984/85 miners strike..when they were used by the thatcher brutalise innocent miners who were just trying to protect their jobs..and families..for the future…those scars still lie on miners families and won’t be forgoten…

  10. stand your ground not only for yourselfs but for the greener future
    love peace and respect…in spirit i’m with you…i’m just sorry i can’t get to thwe isle of white!!1

  11. Go on all you that are inside I wish i was there your doing great!!!!

  12. This is a vital issue on so many levels – but you who are in the factory are the front line and your presence there is critical.
    You must have rights – certainly up until the date of the ‘closure’ which is very soon. Are you – are we – getting legal expertise? Are we in immediate e-mail and other contact with you? Do you have names? Are you able to give interviews?
    Those of us on the outside have been slow to come to your support. This issue is too important to see only though old-fashioned spectacles. We need the support of all those who recognise the urgency of the issues facing our world – from whichever political party or religious group or from none of these that they come.
    I look forward to learning more

  13. The police response is inappropriate, heavy-handed and wrong. I can only assume that such tactics are being employed because the police and management at Vestas are afraid of you and the potential for embarassing exposure that our occupation may entail.
    Which means that you’re winning! HOORAH!

    More power to you people – and thankyou for your willingness to tackle this head-on.

  14. power to te people……….education education education ,sell art te laws around it are stupid ,squat te planet.

  15. […] abgeriegelt und scheinen die KollegInnen aushungern zu wollen. Nachfolgend dokumentiert ein Statement der BesetzerInnen, eine aktuelle BBC-Meldung dazu findet mensch […]

  16. […] can remember the G20 protests will know that kettling is hardly a tactic the tories invented, and they literally tried to starve out the Vestas workers trying to save their jobs. We should have no illusions about the fact that, if Labour do get in at any point in the near […]

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