Posted by: VM | 21 July 2009

Coverage of Vestas factory occupation spreads

The occupation has gathered a lot of attention from the labour movement and climate change groups, spreading across the internet since the news last night.

A crowd of 60 people gathered at the front of the factory this morning, some of whom had stayed overnight, despite police making attempts to send people home according to management’s requests. When pressured to speak more about this, however, it became clear that they held no legal right to arrest workers who attempted to enter the site. Once the congregation realised their tactics of wordplay and posturing, people stopped drifting off home and stayed to show support for the occupiers, who still seem in high spirits, waving from the terrace on the roof in appreciation of the demonstration and smiling for the cameras – rightly proud of their brave action.

Yesterday 1,400 people read the news of the occupation breaking on this page, and by midday today 1000 people had already checked for the morning’s updates. Solidarity emails (to have now broken past 800 with more continuing to arrive throughout this morning. BBC South have interviewed workers and activists outside the factory last night and this morning, and workers spoke on the phone to the Guardian’s environment department last night.

Online coverage:
Ventnor blog, with radio interview from inside the occupation
Guardian Twitter
Isle of Wight county press article
Third Estate blog
“Wind turbine factory sit-in workers accuse Ed Miliband of green failure” – the Guardian at 7pm this evening



  1. I’m a member of Campaign against Climate Change and I’m right behind you. Living 200 miles away from Vestas so difficult to make trip on motorbike (in this weather) but i’m working on it. I’m right behind you


  2. This is the best step you could have taken. I wish you all the best in your fight. The lads and lasses of Visteon car parts plant occupied their workplace in Dublin and Enfield to fight for being treated with decency and respect. It was a long but fantastic fight with loads of solidarity.

    Some of the supporters wrote this honest account of the successes and difficulties of the occupation. I recommend it to you to offer some insights and lessons from a similar struggle.

    All the best from London.

  3. Brilliant! I am so pleased you are making a stand, for yourselves and for our planet.
    PS it was very hard to find a link that worked to send you my message -so if this problem was fixed you would get many, many more messages I’m sure

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