Posted by: VM | 20 July 2009

Bombard Ed Miliband!

It is crucuially important that everyone bombard the energy minister Ed Miliband with phone calls and emails. Tell the government that this closure cannot go ahead!

Ed Miliband’s e-address is
His phone number in his Doncaster constituency is 01302 875 462, and at Westminster, 020 7219 4778.
Flood him with calls for the Government to take over the Vestas factory and keep it producing, under new management.



  1. QUOTE: Only last week they said they would create 400,000 green jobs. How can the process start with 600 of us losing our jobs?

    Only a vote of no confidence would be appropriate in a Government that worked this way. It only compounds the well known fact that Politicians care little for the welfare and need of our country. And are only interested in filling there own pockets.

  2. 0300 0604000 “Thank you for calling the department of energy and climate change…
    Press 1 for Energy Enquiry
    Press 2 for Climate Change Enquiry”

    Which is it? It is neither. This is a protest…a protest about the way that democracy isn’t working in the Age of Stupid. A protest about The Broken Promise of Green Jobs in an emerging green economy”

    It doesn’t matter which department…I support the workers occupying their factory. Vestas is wrong to export the jobs. I am angry and disappointed with their decision and the impotence of a government that cannot take action.

    Do something Mr Milliband. Intervene and nationalise the factory if you must. Once upon a time this country made stuff, built things and held its head high.

    Simon Masters

  3. All my irritation surfaced. A man with an indian accent answered the phone. I nearly said “Indian call centre!” but instead I suggested he report my support to his supervisor and escalate my concern over the way people are passing the buck. Constiutency office say “Not a constituency matter”, Dept of Energy and Climate change has no idea what is going on. It is both funny and no laughing matter. I even found myself thinking “This is wasting taxpayers money…complaining like this.”
    The lunatics are running the asylum.

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