Posted by: Alex | 19 July 2009

Leaflets to distribute

The Save Vestas campaign has produced some leaflets to use in promoting the struggle in the coming week:

A meeting to set up the Families and Communities Campaign which will show support for the workers on Wednesday 22nd July, 6.30-8.30pm at the Methodist Church Hall, Quay Street, Newport
LEAFLET: Click here to download

A Public demonstration in support of the campaign: Friday 24th July, 5.30pm, St Thomas Square, Newport
LEAFLET: Click here to download
POSTER: Click here to download



  1. I am Secretary of the Workers’ Music Association and I know I speak for my Association in expressing my outrage at the proposed closing of this energy source in the Isle of Wight. At a time when we need more and more alternative energy sources and when the economy urgently needs more jobs to be created, it is imbecilic to cut 600 jobs for workers on windscale energy.

    I shall certainly send emails to Ed Miliband and to my Member of Parliement. I will also try to phone Ed Miliband on the number given. I am only sorry that I will not be able to get down to the Isle of Wight for a demonstration.

    I shall also make a personal donation to the East Wight Trade Union Council.

    Mavis Cook

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