Posted by: VM | 12 July 2009

A Statement From a Vestas Worker

As a wind turbine manufacturer I was confident as the recession took hold that green or renewable energy would be the area where many jobs could be created not lost. So I was along with many others horrified to find out that our jobs were moving to America. 600+ jobs from the Isle of Wight and Southampton were going to be added to the already poor state of island unemployment. This has and will continue to send shockwaves of uncertainty through countless families on the island. Many of which are being forced to relocate away from the island. I find this hard to stomach as the government are getting away with claiming they are investing heavily in these types of industry.  Now I’m not sure about you but I think it’s about time they stopped bailing out greedy bankers and started doing what they claim to be doing already. The people of vestas matter and the people of the island matter but equally importantly the people of this planet matter. I for one will not be brushed under the carpet by a government who is claiming to help us. Please show your support for vestas workers as we try to take our concerns all the way to number 10.



  1. Im an employee at vestas and i face having to leave the island to find work in the middle of a recession.I find it sickening that vestas can shift production around the world, chasing subsidies and tax breaks,whilst posting record profits and throwing hard working employees on the scrap heap.It seems we cant rely on our elected government to take care of its voters,citizens and workers.It also seems that the only way we can defend ourselves against these attacks on our economy and standard of living is to take direct action to prevent the closure of the plant…

  2. As President of Southampton& South West Hampshire Trades Union Council I deplore the closure of the Vestas factories in the Isle of Wight & Southampton. Not only does this mean hardship for hundreds of workers and their families, it is absolute folly for the Government to allow this to happen. We need renewable energy and they have pledge to develop it. Why aren’t they putting our money into saving these jobs instead of those of greedy bankers who continue to thumb their noses at us.

  3. keep on making those blades and sell them yourselves, the elite that makes the laws to protect the elite of owners of great factories will not listen unless you disobey

  4. This is an episode of no return… it is frightening to think about Britain’s future. I don’t know if we should be thinking about integration or disintegration. I just hope that there are some very imaginative individuals out there that will bring new life to our shores XXX

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